Meet the Ensemble: pianist, Nina Horvath

29 Sep

Nina HeadshotNina is a fantastic pianist, so when I found out she’s also diabetic, she was a natural fit for the opera. But then she moved away last year, so I was distraught… But then she moved back right at the moment when we were finalizing the ensemble and cast. Perfect. Timing!

The opera has more than enough of my perspective and experience as a diabetic, so I asked Nina to tell me a little bit of her diabetic story , and here it is for you to read:

I was diagnosed at 19 with Type I which was a pretty big surprise and quite the dramatic event. I went backpacking for three months by myself in Europe, felt shitty for the last few weeks (you know the drill, sleepy, peeing a lot, but hey who wouldn’t be when you’re sleeping in hostels for three months in 40 degree weather?), managed to get home. Was sleeping on the couch, apparently I smelled like nail polish remover, so my parents took me to the hospital. I was pretty advanced ketoacidosis, had managed to deplete my Potassium levels to zero and had a blood sugar too high to be read by the meter. Oops.

So I was quite the exciting event for a small town hospital, gotta hang out in ICU for a few days and then I went home, got stabilized and have been trucking along ever since. Making all the good food and exercise choices all the time…ahem…

So there you have it. Read more about Nina below!

Nina Horvath is an active musician in the Vancouver scene whether it is on stage or behind the scenes.

Raised in Rossland, BC, Nina completed her Teacher’s ARCT before going on to further studies studies at the University of Victoria, University of Denver and University of British Columbia.

Nina’s greatest passion has always been collaborating with other artists, especially in the creation of new works. She has always been an active leader in the musical community working as a co­founder and director of three new vocal ensembles while in Victoria and as the creator of the First Tuesdays concert series in Denver.

As a performer, Nina has been fortunate to perform as a chorister and pianist on three different continents. She has collaborated with artists throughout Canada and the United States with a special focus on vocal and brass music. She is committed to bringing music to small communities like those in her home region of the West Kootenays, where she regularly returns to perform.

Nina recently returned to Vancouver after spending a year as a staff pianist and vocal coach at Dalhousie University in Halifax. She was recently appointed the Operations Coordinator for the Vancouver Bach Choirs and is also looking forward to singing with the Vancouver Cantata Singers, working with artists in the college program at the Vancouver Academy of Music and continuing to pursue her own freelance and teaching career.


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