A Plot Summary

2 Sep

It’s funny – even though the plot of Diagnosis: Diabetes has been pretty much set for the last 2 years, I never really considered it final while I was working on composing the opera. There was always a chance that something would change in the process.

I never felt like I was being secretive about it. I’ve shared parts of the story, described what happens in certain scenes, and explained individual character arcs, yet, it wasn’t until the very end of the process that I sat down and wrote a summary of the plot.

Anyway, now that we’re nearing the one-month countdown to the world premiere performance, it’s time for me to share a bit more of the details!

In essence, Diagnosis: Diabetes is the story of Charlie and his life with diabetes.

When first diagnosed, he and parents are hit with an onslaught of information that proves to be too much to handle. While Charlie is too young to understand the complexity of the situation, his parents wrestle with how this changes their lives, and whether or not it’s their fault. As he grows up, Charlie wrestles with how much he will disclose in his daily life. In what might be the most important meeting of his career, he puts his own health at risk in order to save face in front of his boss and co-workers. On a road trip with one of his oldest friends, he realizes there’s something wrong with his vision. Later, at the eye doctor’s, he is diagnosed with his first real complication. The severity of the diagnosis doesn’t even matter – his life is no longer carefree. Charlie is forced to confront whether or not he is willing to make changes to his lifestyle now for the benefit of what seems to be the distant future.


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