Health Talks 2014

28 Feb

If you want to get over your fear of public speaking, forget Toastmasters… just do a TED Talk or Pecha Kucha!
Well, I suppose that’s not entirely realistic, but both of this year’s speaking engagements have been for the most engaged, supportive audiences I could imagine.

Adopting the twitter name @DiabetesOpera, I did my best to live tweet the event. I was thrilled not just by the praise and support for my ideas, but by the community engagement that seemed to be developing.
I was approached by a diabetic woman who shared with me some exciting initiatives in the field of diabetes outreach. I spoke with a GP whose eyes dazzled with excitement over future potential for the work I presented. And one prominent neurosurgeon admitted to me that my presentation took him well out of his comfort zone – something for which he was quite grateful.

As composers and public speakers, we often find ourselves hoping that our work will reach or touch someone. So, having that proof right there in front of me, I really couldn’t have hoped for a more successful talk!

I’ll post the video of the talk when it’s available, but for now, I’ll leave you with a photo I had taken with one of the other speakers. If you don’t recognize her, this might jog your memory.

Best known for her work as the Frank’s Red Hot spokesperson, Jean Hamilton was an absolute delight!


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