Writing My Own Libretto

10 Dec

Let me be honest – this project has been a long time coming! By the time the idea of working with a librettist came to mind (more realistically, it was thrust at my mind by academic advisors…), it was too late.

Really, I don’t think there was ever a point at which I could have separated the roles of composer and librettist. Even in its earliest stages of development, my conception of the opera has been simultaneously influenced by the music and story.

I should point out the irony that in the other areas of my creative life, I adamantly support active dialogue based collaboration between writers and composers. With that said, every project is different and collaboration just wasn’t right for this project.

I realized very quickly that my composing and writing processes are nearly identical. In both cases, I start with a specific events or things that have to happen. From there, I fill in the blanks and let my creativity flow.

Of course, knowing that I’d be both writing and composing for this project has put me in the position of collaborating with myself. The music will be influenced by the writing, but the text is actually being predictively influenced by the music I will write in the future (crazy, I know!).

At this point, I’m wrapping up the libretto and I’m about to really get focused on the music. It’s been an exciting process and I can’t wait to really sink my teeth in and let you all know how it’s going.

Next time, I’ll tell you about how Charlie’s struggle led me to my own powerful realization.


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