Opera: It Ain’t Cheap!

3 Dec

Last time, I mentioned that I had put together a budget for my opera. I had just finished a workshop in Winnipeg and was on a high of excitement and naiveté. I contacted a local opera director/producer for some help in assessing the steps and costs associated with this kind of project.

Even rounding every corner and being as economical as we could, I was looking at:
That’s right, eighty thousand dollars!!

If you’re reading this and thinking, “That’s not that much…,” please contact me through my website so we can talk about getting this project off the ground!

Since then, I’ve killed off a few characters, haha! I’m now looking at 4 singers instead of the original 6. I’ve brainstormed ways to pull it off for cheaper, but recently, I wonder if there’s not a drastically different way of approaching things….

As always, I’d love to hear your responses in the comments, especially if you have a brilliant or innovative suggestion for how I can bring this opera to life, in light of the hefty price tag!

Coming Soon: My own ideas for the future and direction of interactive opera!


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